Bioinformatics Laboratory is a young and dynamic team which is affiliated to Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Our laboratory is well equipped with high-performance computing servers for high throughput data analysis and data storage. Meanwhile, fully equipped wet lab of molecular biology is available for molecular cloning, analysis of biological macromolecules function, signal transduction and regulation of gene expression.

Under the leadership of Prof. Wang, our lab in recent years has been dedicated to a systematic exploration and research in the field of bioinformatics. Currently, our team is committed to apply genomics, statistical genetics and systems biology approaches to mechanism research of complex diseases by integrating high-throughput and multi-dimensional genomics data. Besides, combined with molecular biology experiments, we strive to explore the molecular genetic mechanisms and pathogenesis of complex diseases (including psychiatric disorders and autoimmune diseases), which can provide scientific basis for the early diagnosis of complex diseases, development of disease intervention strategy and detection of new drug targets.

By now, we have published nearly 70 research papers in international famous journals, such as Nature、Science、Nature Genetics、Nature Review Genetics、Biological Psychiatry、Nucleic Acids Research. Our team is currently subsidized by many scientific research projects, including MOST (Ministry of Science and Technology), NSFC (Natural Science Foundation of China), CAS (Chinese Academy of Sciences), and Frame-work Program of European Union.