Duolun Synthetic Biology Workshop


August 3, 2009 Duolun, Inner Mongolia


Duolun Synthetic Biology Workshop is hosted by Beijing Institutes of Life Science, CAS and held on Aug. 3, 2009 in Duolun, Inner Mongolia in China. The workshop is participated by domestic experts -- Director of Beijing Institutes of Life Science, Kang Le, Academician Yang Huanming, Chang Wenrui, Qiang Boqin, Professor Wang Jing, Zhao Yong, Vice professor Su Ruifeng and so on. Director Kang Le hosts the workshop, with the aim to discuss the current status of synthetic biology, home and abroad, and how to push its development in China.


The workshop is proposed by Academician Yang Huanming and all invited experts are dedicated in fields of genomics, protein, cell biology, ecology and the like. Invited experts hold extensive discussions about scientific worth and application foreground of synthetic biology, as well as how to develop it in China. The proposals to establish a collaboration team of synthetic biology in China and to draft a development strategic suggestion are widely agreed. Their purpose is to further push the development of synthetic biology in China.


Our team leader, Professor Wang Jing, joins the meeting and gives the report. We, as the only non-European, started the collaboration with HZI on synthetic biology (project name is shorted as PROBACTYS) in FP6 program in 2006. Our team is one of the first ones to develop synthetic biology in China. Professor Wang Jing gives subject report on synthetic biology on the workshop and our exploration and achievements are highly appraised by all experts.