2004.9-2009.7  PhD in biochemistry and molecular biology,

Peking University Health Science Center

1999.9-2004.7  Bachelor in medicine, Shanxi Medical University


Research Experience

1.     Regulatory feature analysis on human variants in whole genome scale.

2.     Construction and analysis of gene-Regulatory network after chronic stress.

3.     Multiple level knowledge base development for major depressive disorder (MDD).

4.     Biological explanation for analysis result of ICSNPathway, which is a web server for GWAS data mining.

5.     Involvement of STAT 5a signaling in morphine induced up-regulation of the cyclin D1.

6.     Functional research on SIV Nef protein.


Research Interest

1.     The development of analysis platform for mental disorder related genetic information.

2.     Gene-environment interplay in mental disorder.

3.     Gene regulatory network in mental disorder.


Research Projects

1.    National Natural Science Foundation of China (81201046): Construction and analysis of gene expression regulatory network in whole brain of BALB/c mice exposed to the chronic mild stress paradigm.

2.     Institute of Psychology, CAS (Y0CX411S01): Multiple level biomarkers database for major depressive disorder (BD4D)

3.     Key Laboratory of Mental Health, Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences: Chronic mild stress related gene regulation-network analysis in mice frontal cortex.

Selected Publications

  1. Guo L*, Du Y*, Qu S, Wang J#. (2016) rVarBase: an updated database for regulatory features of human variants, Nucleic Acids Res, 44(Database issue):D888-93.
  2. Guo L#*, Du Y, Wang J#. (2015) Network analysis reveals a stress-affected common gene module among seven stress-related diseases/systems which provides potential targets for mechanism research, Sci Rep, 5:12939..
  3. Guo, L.Y.*, Du, Y., Chang, S.H., Zhang, W.N., Wang, J#. (2014). Applying differentially expressed genes from rodent models of chronic stress to researches of stress-related disease: an online database. Psychosomatic Medicine. 76(8):644-9.
  4. Guo, L.*, Du, Y*. , Chang, S., Zhang, K., & Wang, J#. (2014). rSNPBase: a database for curated regulatory SNPs. Nucleic Acids Res, 42 (D1): D1033-D1039.
  5. Liyuan Guo*, Weina Zhang*, Suhua Chang*, Liuyan Zhang, Jurg Ott, Jing Wang#. (2012) MK4MDD: a Multi-level Knowledge Base and Analysis Platform for Major Depressive Disorder. PLoS One 7(10): e46335.
  6. Guo L*, Li H, Liu H, Li C, Li M, Jiang W … Li G#. (2009) Involvement of STAT5a signaling in morphine-induced up-regulation of the cyclin D1. Biocheml pharmacol 77(9): 1553-1560.